Shipping and Packaging

Orders generally ship in one or two days as 100% of items are in stock.

Our standard shipping is by USPS Priority Mail from Santa Cruz, Ca. 95063. Most US addresses receive their merchandise in two or three days. PO Box addresses are OK. All packages are tracked and fully insured. You will receive progress notifications via email directly from the Post Office.

Orders outside the USA:  Best Singing Bowls has shipped orders to dozens of countries around the world. Most often we ship via USPS international priority mail service. You may request Priority Express which is faster by a few days. In some countries the government run postal service isn’t, shall we say, so reliable. If you live there you’re probably aware of this. Let us know and we can ship via a private door to door carrier. If you have any questions about shipping, please send us an email or put a note on the order so we can make proper arrangements.

* You can specify service Fed-Ex or UPS. Costs may be higher.
* You may request express service with any carrier for an additional cost.

Import taxes and fees: For all orders outside the US we are required to provide the carrier a customs declaration and commercial invoice. Your country will have a set of rules on imports. Most countries have some sort of customs charge, sales tax, VAT, or import fees.  We have no control over your country’s procedures and fees. If your country has fees you will be required to pay them, most likely to the carrier. We provide your email and phone to customs so they have multiple ways to contact you.

Packaging Standards

It is very important for your singing bowl to be well protected in transit and we use the best materials to insure it arrives in perfect condition. When we package bowls they are first wrapped in handmade Nepali Lokta paper. This fine quality paper is made from the sustainably harvested bark of a shrub that grows in the Himalayas. The bark paper protects the finish of the bowl from contamination by any of the more high tech packaging components used to ensure your singing bowl arrives in perfect condition. Outside the Lokta paper we use a layer of lightweight plastic foam sheeting, and sometimes recycled Air-Speed, recycled bubble-wrap, or recycled paper.

USPS Insured Rates

Order Total USA Canada Western Europe UK and Worldwide
$0 $99 $15 $35 $52.50 $57.50
$100 $149 $20 $37.50 $55 $62.50
$150 $199 $25 $40 $60 $67.50
$200 $249 $30 $45 $62.50 $70
$250 $299 $35 $50 $65 $72.50
$300 $399 $40 $55 $67.50 $75
$400 $499 $45 $60 $70 $77.50
$500 $599 $50 $65 $75 $82.50
$600 $799 $60 $70 $80 $90
$800 $999 $70 $80 $90 $100
$1000 $1499 $90 $95 $100 $110
$1500 $1999 $110 $110 $110 $125
$2000 $2500 $125 $125 $140 $150

Shipments over $2500 – freight quoted separately.  A note on international. Quoted rates are for the US Postal Service.  After many years of stellar service we are now having problems and often advise our customers to go with another carrier, usually Federal Express at some usually small additional cost. We will quote you based on your specific order.

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