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These days most people comment through reviews on public platforms. This is good because it is entirely the person’s words. Bad because of the occasional spam comment Google refuses to recognize as such.  Still these comments are relevant. I haven’t changed much over the years other than knowing more and having seen more….

Product Comments

My beautiful bowl and accessories arrived this afternoon. I’ve enjoyed it already and getting to know it. Very pleased!

Denise 2017

Hi, Ryan,  I certainly did pick a top notch bowl, which, of course, I couldn’t have done if you didn’t carry top notch bowls.  As far as I could tell, your sound files on this bowl were spot on.  I will have no hesitation buying bowls from you in the future.All my other bowls blend very well with this new “Grandfather” one.  When played with my other three deeper bowls, it brings out and compliments complexities in the other bowls that I was unable to hear before.  It is mesmerizing.  The mid and high tones compliment each other and the deep tone beautifully.  Although this is the most expensive bowl I’ve ever bought, it is, to be trite, worth every penny. Thanks for your patience and consideration in dealing with me.

John 2017

I purchased my bowl, to be opened at a later day, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. I totally love it! The deep, bass tone plus good longevity and rim play is just what I was looking for. Your site has excellent visual and audio descriptions, in addition to your quick response to questions. Thank you!!!

Ana 2017

Hello Ryan, Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my bowl and I must say that I’m very happy with it! I also love the 2 mallets that you recommended.  Looking forward to exploring other mallets in the future. Thanks again for your help and expertise 🙂

Michael 2018

Thanks for the certificate, it is well done.  I received the bowl yesterday, and it arrived in fine shape.   Your website sound samples for it were very representative.   Initial impressions from my playing the bowl in person:  it is truly exceptional, from low-high harmonic balance to longevity/sustain to those harder-to-quantify “draws one in” qualities.   And, as I believed it would from your samples, this bowl blends very well with two others I have in the same 2nd octave (one at 98 Hz and the other at 110 Hz fundamentals).

Rick 2018

Just another satisfied customer! I must say at first when I saw the box, I thought, oh this can’t be my bowl, it is too small. Well my dears, I tapped the rim with the wooden part of the mallet and a beautiful hi note flowed. Then while it was still singing I used the wrapped materiel part and hit the side and a deeper sound blended with the hi note. Magnificent! I love my small bowl so very much. The length of the sustained note is incredible. Thank you Ryan for helping me select the perfect bowl for me. It calms my soul in the morning and at night before bed.

Martha 2018

I will say Ryan, The four small bowls, Small Thadobati $425., The Remuna $125., the Trapezoid $275.,the Unique bowl $$350. are the sweetest and nicest bowls for the top of the head area going from lower pitch on up to higher.  The lingam bowl has also helped my clients…  So again much gratitude to you.  The F3 Jambati loves my new made F bowl ….a perfect pair.  Your lovely bowls have made for some rich and meaningful healing experiences for my clients. I always check your site before I buy bowls elsewhere.  And have bought more from you than any other one source.  Takes more looking to find a quality bowl..once I leave your site.

Kate 2016

You know your stuff! The mallet is perfect

Anne 2016

Hi Ryan, Just received the bowl. You were right.  It is totally awesome!!  I love it!!!

Lee 2016

The bowl is awesome. Thanks!

Rudi 2015

Love the bowl! Just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the singing bowl I purchased from you. I have a feeling I will be ordering more. Many thanks!

Marion 2015

Aloha Ryan! I just wanted to tell that I have received my singing bowl moments ago and I really Love it! It’s beautifully sounding (even though it’s my first one and I really don’t have anything to compare with :)… And it came really fast too! (considering everything gets slow to Hawaii!) LOL! I do appreciate your business now and in the future! Mahalo again!

živile 2015

Thank you so much Ryan for the beautiful singing bowl! Such a lovely angelic sound it makes, and I love it! By the way, it arrived right on my birthday today, even though tracking info said it would arrive at a much later date. Your bowls are the best.

Ann 2014

HOLY MOLY … My bowls arrived – WOWWWWWW. They are stunning especially that big one. I AM so looking forward to taking them up into the snow and getting to know them. Here go some pics for you from this last week and taking my first bowl up into energies of Aoraki (throat chakra for New Zealand).

You’ll be hearing from me again soon …. I’ll be after something very small (and very good) for sitting on my third eye. and of course I have my eye on some of those other big really awesome bowls.

Donna 2014

Today arrived the Jambati :):) Jambati’s has very good, great, amazing sounds. If we hear this is like when the Jambati is talking the tale for us. There are many octaves! And i was surprised how big it! :):) And the vibration is also good and it can be heard for a long time. I am totally satisfied with the Jambati and with You too. I am thankful because: You are reliable and very fast in affairs. You was/are correct with me, thank You the all!

I almost forget it, You were very kind (You made the official document cleverly) Thank You this too! 🙂

Yvette 2014

I got some bowls from another vendor and they were not good. I just received your 4 bowls and they are just like in Mitch’s class very good quality. I love how you picked out the low tone one for the set. I will get some more bowls from you soon. [Note: Student of Mitch Nur]

Rene 2014

I am very pleased with my bowl but it only makes me want more of them.

Melanie 2014

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my singing bowl, which arrived safely and well-packaged and exactly as described. Your site provided more detail than most in its descriptions with complete visual and audio images – so there were no surprises. I am bonding nicely with the bowl as I learn how to invite its various moods and voices. The Tibetan carpet square is also beautiful, and I much prefer it over bowl cushions. Thank you!

Cheryl 2014

I got the bowls a few days ago. I am having a hard time not playing one every time I pass by.

Aaron 2014

I LOVE my bowls – thank you very much. – [Customer from South Africa]

Lynn 2014

It arrived and it’s a BEAUTY! Thanks

Christina 2014

The last shipment of bowls (for a while) arrived, and they are beautiful, as I knew they would be. I’m including a photo. A reasonable start to a small collection, I think, and, if I do say so myself, well chosen. Also included are two pictures of my cats with the first five bowls. I might say they were having their CHATkras aligned.

Ira 2014

Nice bowl! You rock! Thanks

Tom 2014

The bowl is beautiful and way more than I had hoped for. Thank you. I love this bowl and so will my husband!

Lisa 2015

Dear Ryan,
just to say thank you for the gorgeous bowls which I finally got yesterday (and luckily I didn’t have to pay too much tax on them). My Jordanian friend was also enchanted by them ~ he’d never seen anything like them ~ and the sounds they produce are beautiful, aren’t they? Thank you for choosing that combination. They’re bigger than I expected, and actually just the right size, and they look lovely. I’ll have to find your e-mail with the information about their notes now, and I’ll have to look online to see how to play them properly, though I’m so happy that they make a lovely sound whatever I do! The mats are great too. Oh and I also love the tissue paper around them ~ very special!
So many thanks again, I’m very happy now!

Anita 2014

I just wanted to let you know that the bowl arrived safely today and is fitting in so well with the rest of the collection. It is precisely the sound I needed, and I am delighted to have found it … Thanks again for sending this treasure my way!

Stacy 2014

Personal Help

My students who have ordered singing bowls from you tell me when their bowls arrive. They can’t say enough about the beautiful quality of singing bowls that they have received from you, how totally happy they are with their bowls and how very helpful you were whether it was on online and over the phone. The students who let you pick the bowls for them because they didn’t know what to do all said that it was as if you knew exactly which bowl was right for them because the sound, resonance, and feel of the bowl was perfect. Thank you very much.

Kathryn 2020

Hi Ryan, Thank you for your note.  I love my lil bowl.  It has brought me great healing and joy.  I would like to build my collection and I’m always drawn back to your site.  I play at a large venue once a month and would like a bowl that could be heard there. As you selected the last bowl I am open to what you and spirit decide.  I do inner child healing work, meditation and reiki with my current bowl.  Thank you again and I look forward to buying many bowls with you. Peace and blessings for you special work,

Theresa 2017

HI Ryan! I wanted to let you know that the bowls arrived yesterday, and they are both wonderful!!  Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to gifting my dad today, and letting him choose the one he wants to keep.  I only wish I had asked for your help in selecting my B bowl, which I purchased off of your site.  The tone and sustain of these Ds that you picked is extraordinary.  I think next time I am looking for a bowl I will ask your help in selecting it.  You did a great job and I’m really happy J Thank you so much. Peace and Joy

Gwen 2016

I received my singing bowl and I absolutely love it!  The sound is so rich and complex, and the vibration so penetrating.  I’m really excited to have it!  Thank you so much for working with me to making buying it possible.  I will undoubtedly be enjoying this for a long time to come.  It was a pleasure doing business with you….when I’m ready to add another bowl, I’ll be sure to look to you.

Tressa 2017

Ryan, Thank you so much for reaching out with your knowledge and experience. Our conversation was much appreciated. Your suggestions for selection were valuable. Thank you for creating a platform that can reach interested people and offer such valuable information, history and teaching. I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am about the bowl you sent. Such a beautiful array. Something ancient and authentic and very special.

With much gratitude. Thank You for being an important conduit! Many blessings to you and yours!

Vinny 2018

Hi Ryan, Thank you for the bowl. I got it last Monday the day before I did a sound bath for some people. It was the perfect choice for me. I love the sound and it fit my hand perfectly. One of the ladies there wanted your card so I gave her one. Thanks so much for taking your time to pick out the perfect bowl for me

Lynne 2018

Hello Ryan, WoW – what amazing singing bowls – I absolutely love them.  That is exactly what I was looking for and they fit perfectly with my other two bowls. I deliberately did not look at your website to listen to them, as I wanted to hear them for myself when they arrived. Thank You so much for all your hard work and going through the pain barrier for me.

Note: People have their processes and sometimes they are not easy. We try to engage people where they are and gently move them to decisions.

Debby 2019

Wow! Such an exciting box to receive—two new singing bowls! They are indeed wonderful— they sound heavenly and are full of “old bowl character.” These two small bowls sing beautifully. Thank you for picking out such perfect bowls and wands for me. I really appreciated your personalized service and willingness to answer questions. Your customer service is beyond compare—it is evident how much you care about the bowls and your customers. I have purchased bowls from other places before, but will stick to your site from now on. Thank you, Ryan!

Joni 2016

Thank you, Ryan.  I safely received my singing bowl from you.  It was packaged nicely.  I had requested different notes than you sent, but your instinct nailed it for me!  You sent a bowl with an “F” tone – I guess it’s better I open my heart chakra first anyway (besides that was the other option I was considering).  I also told you I was a bit hard of hearing so you chose a beautiful bowl that I can feel down my arm when she sings.  Now, since this is my very first bowl, it took me a while, but I figured it out so she’s clattering less and less.  And, she understands when I ask her to “wake up.”  Lol.   I want to honor her with a name, so I am still working on that.  If you have any suggestion, please let me know.  Otherwise, I thank you very much.  I’m sure you will hear from me again.  Namaste.

Patricia 2017

Thank you for your selection of singing bowls. They are all truly wonderful and have anchored well with my other old bowls. I have spent the day working them out and their individual quality continues to impress me.

Harold 2014

Thanks so much for picking this bowl out for me. It is exactly what I wanted. It has a great tone and is almost like having 3 different bowls. Love it, love it, love it! Sometimes just listening to the sound of this wonderful bowl for a few strikes is enough to pull me into a meditative state. Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

Erik 2014

Ryan, You know how to pick bowls!!!!!!!!!! the first harmonics ring clean, clear, and long. Some bowl people can not hear the third and forth harmonic so they do not pick the bowls that the third and forth ring out, this bowls first four harmonics ring clean, clear, and long. Thanks again for your kindness. Blessings your way!

Alex 2014

I got my bowl about half an hour ago. The tone when struck is just lovely, and maintains for a long time! Thank you for the good choice. I’m pleased with it. 🙂

Kristen 2015

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the bowl you sent. I appreciated your finding out what kind of tone and note I was looking for and picking a bowl that fit. Your willingness to expedite the shipping so that it could arrive on time for the bridal shower gift made all the difference! I want you to know that our gift brought tears to the bride-to-be’s eyes, and she told me later it was her favorite gift.

Susan 2014

Thank you again for picking out the most beautiful, perfect singing bowl for me!
I love it!! Your antique bowls are of very high quality, and thank you for packaging them so well that they arrive in perfect condition!

Ann 2014

I love my bowl! Thank you.
[note – this customer bought a small special and returned it because the bowl did not have enough oomph in it. I picked a larger bowl for her out of backstock for an additional $100]

Ellen 2014


Best Singing Bowls is an amazing website, first of all, with a wealth of knowledge and information that I’ve just begun to take in. Then there’s the bowls. I’ve bought 3 and each one not only plays beautifully, but plays beautifully with my set.
The customer service is incredible. Ryan has been so patient and thorough, including going above and beyond by searching his inventory to find exactly what I was looking for. I can’t recommend Ryan and Best Singing Bowls enough

Wendy 2023

Ryan, thanks so much for your help finding the right singing bowls for us and a wedding gift to a special friend. Your website is comprehensive and detailed. Clear descriptions, accurate photos, and best of all, the actual bell recordings. Hearing is believing. If you can’t listen to the sounds of bowls in person, this is the next best thing. Quick wording turnaround. Good advice from you on how to pick a bowl and play it. So glad to have stumbled onto your site

Phil 2022

Hey Ryan, just received your singing bowl yesterday. Totally satisfied with product. Amazing harmonics and quite the sonic experience. Properly packed and shipped out fast. Looking forward to my next bowl. Thanks again

Vincent 2014

Thanks for being there.

Keith 2013

Love your web site–very helpful. If you are going to surprise me, I like the lower, deeper tones best. [customer ordered mid size special with this request] **** I received my bowl yesterday and it is perfect! Just what I wanted. Thanks for the great service.

Kerry 2014

What a thorough answer – thank you so much.

Hillel 2014

I wanted to thank you for your help and amazing service! I received my Antique Remuna bowl today and I love it!!! I picked it up and it sang straight away 😀 It looks and sounds exactly as described on your site. As a bonus, it sounds great with my other two bowls. Thank you again for your great customer service and for the beautiful bowl! I can’t wait to get my next one!

Darrell 2015

received!! in time for xmas thanks!!! thanks for a great service and amazing bowls! happy holidays!! [Southern hemisphere customer]

Ana 2015

Greetings Ryan, so, the order has arrived and in time for our event tonight! I will definitely be wanting to try an assortment of your fine mallets, thanks so much for steering me this way!

Shem 2014

Awesome.  It’s silly for a 58-year-old, but I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. Not a bad feeling at all, thank you so much for your help.

Jeff 2016

Thank you for all of your help!!!  If I’m ever in the market again for the best bowls, I’m coming to you!

John 2014

I’m a pretty anal person. When I started my search to find some nice Tibetan singing bowls, I went top to bottom of every single site on the web. Reached out to several different companies. Ryan called me back personally. Asked me why I was getting them, and worked with me to get a set of bowls that will accomplish what I’m looking for. I have cancer and I use them as a meditation tool. I cannot state how nice it was to have somebody call me and take interest. That’s what you will get when you work with this company and Ryan. Oh and the quality and selection of the bowls is awesome.

Dean 2016

I very much appreciated everything you did for me! I’m so excited to get her started and into more bowls!

Salene 2014

Many thanks Ryan, for the info and the remarkable effort you put in for me – really above and beyond.  I do like your additional suggestion!!!,

Brian 2016

Thank you Ryan. Received both. It truly is (special)! Blessings

Marlene 2014

Thank you again for your prompt responses and helpful nature. I do not really know how I found your site, but I am truly grateful I did. My first bowl arrived today! It is so amazing, sounds exactly like the clip, and feels wonderful to play. I cannot thank you enough. I’m so very happy with this purchase and your courteous service.

Eric 2017

Ryan, this bowl is so lovely… the tone is absolutely enchanting. I’m grateful to you for choosing such a nice one

Leslie 2014

Hi Ryan, Got the bowls today! Soooooo fast! Thank you!  All the bowls are beautiful, and I’m really really super happy with the Special Bowl C4! The little guy can really hold its sound! Woo woo too!  Thank you so much for choosing such a nice bowl!

Janice 2018

I have just had the best possible experience in purchasing a set of bowls from Ryan at Best Singing Bowls! I didn’t know a lot about how to choose bowls individually so I finally just called. Ryan took the time to talk with me, answer my questions, and really find out what I wanted to do with my bowls. Based on that and my preferred price range, he put together several sets for me to listen to. After more questions and his patient answers, I had my bowls. I love them! Many thanks to Ryan and I’m looking forward to continuing to add to my set from his wonderful offerings. If you are interested in singing bowls, don’t hesitate to get them from Best Singing Bowls. Thanks, Ryan, for the awesome service and wonderful set of bowls!

Jan 2014

I didn’t want to start the new year without thanking you for that transcendent magic that is my bowl. That baby loves to sing 🙂 It is perfect in its imperfections, and depending on how i hold it, strike, etc. all different tones and overtones radiate from it. Truly beautiful. It is endlessly fascinating and i couldn’t have picked better for myself, thank you for picking it for me 🙂

Charlene 2019

I wanted to let you know that I received my singing bowl today safe and sound! As I was perusing your sight and listening to the clips, this one spoke to me. Even after looking at and listening to similar bowls, I came back to this particular one every time. It is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for calling! If it weren’t for that call, I would not have this beautiful little singing bowl. I am very grateful!

Kari 2014

What a blessing it has been to have met you Ryan!  I am so excited to start working with the bowls.

Linda 2014


Q. Hello Ryan. I just examined this bowl for the first time since receiving it on Monday. The bowl has a 1/2″ crack on the bottom. You can feel it both on the outside and inside. The sound is quite nice, even with the crack. Although I wish it was not cracked, I have decided to keep it. I’m not sure how you overlooked the crack, since it is right next to your stickers where the bowl curves up from the bottom. I’m very annoyed about this. I had thought of building a small collection of bowls through you. However, I don’t think I will do that now. Regards, Bill

A. Bill Sorry to hear this. I am very surprised about a crack in the bowl. The only bowls I bring back from Asia with cracks you can feel are rare ceremonial antiques. I examine bowls for visual cracks and put them in the description, usually with a photo close up of the flaw. Zero chance I’ll miss a crack you can feel. The photos on the web show an intact bowl. Ok so that crack either happened in transit or in your possession.  Do you still have the box? Any evidence of crushing, scrapes etc on the outside?  If so can you send me photos of the packaging? Any chance the bowl could have been dropped or hit hard on the bottom after it arrived? Again sorry about the issue,

To Ryan: 1. The crack was not made while in my possession.  2. I kept the shipping box and it is undamaged. 3. The crack is old, because it is darker than the surrounding metal, not lighter. 4. I am impressed with your infallibility.

Comment: Well maybe there wasn’t zero chance and I was arrogant. Certainly this customer was not happy. Since this incident I have started to keep high resolution photos of the bottom of bowls so I can at least satisfy myself about claims for damage.

Bill 2017

Customer sent a big Jambati bowl back from Europe with a crack in it.

My email to the customer: I took a look at the Jambati bowl you sent back, big long crack. I thought – looks like shipping damage. To verify I went back into my archival photos. To my extreme embarrassment I discovered that the crack was there at the time the bowl was photographed. This would have been after I wrote the physical description and made the recording, still it happened in my custody and should have been called out. The bowl was examined in Asia and full price was paid, meaning that I’m quite sure it was not damaged when I bought it  –  those exams are meticulous because there is no money back on those purchases.

Playing the bowl hard with a mallet I can hear the crack so you’re very right to return it. It will not sound better over time unless the person who owns it refrains from mallet use and just plays the rim.

Again very sorry

Sets and Collections

My name is Sam, and I purchased a set of 10 singing bowls from you a few months ago. I just wanted to say thank you so much.

I have now spent a considerable amount of time getting to know my bowls and I love them. It took a while, but I have now gotten each of them to sing for me, and am learning their personalities and likes and dislikes (in terms of mallet and pressure).

As I develop my skills as a sound healer and continue to research and read, many have said that it is important to choose one’s own bowls in person. At first, this worried me, and I felt I had made a mistake or moved too quickly. But, whether it is the quality of the bowls you have curated, or your own care and attention as you configured the set that I bought, I don’t believe I would necessarily have made “better” choices in person.

I use them weekly in my restorative yoga class, and they’re magic.

Thank you for the time you spent speaking with me about my needs, and the careful consideration I know you put into selecting my bowls.

Sam 2014

Just got the bowls and played with them a bit. They are awesome! I’ll play them in the whole set tonight and see how they sing with the choir. I thought it was very convenient of them to nest perfectly! I didn’t expect such a small package. Thanks so much for all your help!

Jan 2015

I wanted to thank you for your selection of bowls for my chakra set. They sound beautiful when struck. I am experimenting with ringers around the rim of each bowl and getting to know their individual sounds and playing preferences. Thank you for your advice and communication throughout the process of my purchase. I really appreciate your time and consideration.

Sherrie 2017

Just wanted to let you know that the singing bowls have safely arrived Denmark! I’m very content with the sounds. Such beauty- so strong energy. Very individual but still in harmony with each other. They are perfect to “tune” to and especially one is very alive and a challenge. Great!!  It will for sure take some time before I know them fully.  THANKS!! for your help – finding the right ones – putting them together – and sending them across the ocean.

Inga 2017

In General

I thoroughly recommend Best Singing Bowls if you want to buy an authentic, good quality bowl with first class assistance.

This website was the most the most comprehensive I could find offering detailed sound and information about each bowl so it was easy to compare to find the one most suitable for my requirements. Useful advice was also given also regarding which ringing stick or hammer would work best for my chosen bowl.

Ryan was quick and patient to respond to queries via emails and available to talk when necessary by phone. Dispatch was immediate and I received the beautiful singing bowl exactly as I expected.

Jude 2020

Thank you Ryan and BSB, as this was my first sessions ever of playing, touching, hearing and feeling the vibes of those wonderful Tibetan singing bowls!!! I mean look at them, they are wounderful, the one with the mallet in is 1335 and the rim play ,both wood and leather is just a gem to play with!!! Feeling better already from a tough day physically and emotionally!!!

Why did I choose BSB?? Knowledge they provide to their clients, Attention to details, description of their product transcend into their passion and love they have to transmit the healing power of sounds to others!!! PS: Ryan feel free to use this email as feedback from a customer, and picture too!!!

Donald 2018

!!  I’m sending you waves of blessings for a beautiful day!

Barb 2016

Dear Ryan & Co at Best Singing Bowls, Thank you for the beautiful Singing Bowls. They arrived the other day. They’re exquisite. I’m very pleased. I look forward to the day when I can acquire more. I appreciate your fine service. Your descriptions of the ringing or toning capabilities of each are remarkably accurate. That’s quite a skill you have developed. Very valuable for someone like myself, purchasing a bowl. It’s quite astonishing how the services you provide are lacking on other singing bowl sites, much to their detriment. I congratulate you on your expertise and your efforts at satisfying the needs of your customers. They may seem obvious to you, but clearly, not everyone in the business feels that way. Thank you again. All best.

Gloria 2018

Ryan: I just wanted to let you know that my husband truly loves his new bowl! It has brought real magic into our lives! Thank you!

Kerry 2016

Y’all are doing such great work. It was a joy to read the details you shared. I appreciate your willingness to do something unique and helpful. Some day I’ll pick up a bowl from you.

Leslie 2018

Dear Ryan, Your wonderful bowl arrived today. Heavenly and earthly all at once…just what I was looking for. Thank you for your passion in this area of study, business, and practice. I’ll be in touch next year. With gratitude…

Bren 2016

I received my singing bowl today.  I couldn’t be happier.  This past Friday morning I hadn’t heard of singing bowls.  Through some strange internet rabbit hole I landed on your site and listened to dozens of sound clips in my price range and narrowed down my interest to 4 bowls with sounds that I liked.  On Friday afternoon I took the plunge and placed an order for one of your specials and asked that you choose a bowl using the information I provided, about the sounds of the 4 bowls, as your guide.  Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail box during my lunch break today to discover that my singing bowl had already arrived! (Monday!)  And then I opened my package and started playing my bowl.  It’s hard to imagine that a bowl might exist that has a more pleasing and satisfying sound!  Seriously, I am amazed.  Thank you for making this such a great experience and finding new homes for these lovely, sacred objects.  I will most certainly cherish and enjoy mine.

Tamryn 2019

And today I received the packet! ❤ ❤ It was like julekveld (Christmas eve), birthday and 17th of May (Our national day) at the same time! Wooooooooooooow!

Gunn 2016

Dear Ryan, Happy New Year to you and your family. I just wanted to let you know that my son Rob loved his gift. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create a gift he will cherish. You do do good work which is important in this world

JoAnn 2016

Little did I know then that the pursuit of truth would bring me to non-dual spirituality and meditation. The purchase of a singing bowl from your fine collection is a small beautiful track on this broad path of self-realization. The combination of stillness and vibrations that constitute sounds invites us, I opine, to deepen the realization of the vibrating stillness within. That is perhaps ultimately the art of listening,  the artform of life itself.

Your music interest and skills are readily visible from the website, but so I gather is also your spiritual interest. Perhaps these interests cannot be divided thusly in your case, especially given your otherwise rather straightforward business professions.

Jonas 2017

The sound of the singing bowl is indeed awesome! Somehow the sound waves enters the body, rather than the ears as it were, and effectively open up whatever remains of tensions and restrictions. Allowing the body to absorb the sound and the physical vibrations thus deepen meditative presence and is actually very soothing, healing. I am so grateful that it felt intuitively right to spend hours listening to and comparing recordings on your website in order to extract the jewel amongst all your precious bowls, i.e. the one that helps me to highlight the precious jewel within.

Thanks for Your important work and for helpful advice throughout the purchase!

Jonas 2017

Thank you so much, Ryan.  I am happy to know that my fellow Australians are appreciating your wisdom and knowledge. I am sure your website must also be so effective as it is honestly on a different level when compared to other websites. I am also so glad to meet a rare American who has made it to Australia. The singing bowl arrived yesterday me I was up all night playing it and enjoying its resonating tones. Wow, it truly is amazing and I sincerely appreciate your kindness in offering me with your considerations which allowed me to have this experience. Sincerely grateful,

Chris 2017

Dear Ryan, Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the singing bowl I ordered for my friend’s birthday. The bowl is just AMAZING!!! Needless to say, the singing bowl was a huge success and the occasion will always be remembered because of the magical qualities of the singing bowl.

Your website is very thorough, easy to use and helpful. And, beyond that, having you actually available on the phone to address certain questions is a welcome touch in today’s mechanized society. In short, I am extremely satisfied as a customer and will highly recommend your business to others. mahalo,

Jon 2017

I just felt I must acknowledge how beyond satisfied I am with all of my antique singing bowls (& accessories) purchases from you. Your website is just phenomenal. It’s like browsing in a museum. You’ve clearly done a remarkable job gathering the “best singing bowls” & your talent for doing such is stellar. You’ve so accurately & impressively detailed all nuances to each of their uniquely complex voices. I just couldn’t be more satisfied with my set. I feel like I’ve adopted a family from you. So, many many thanks to you!!

KG 2017

Ways Customers Use Bowls

I’ve been meaning to email you all week, but time kept getting away from me.  I absolutely love my singing bowl. It’s even better than I had hoped. I play it every day, in a variety of ways (mallet and rim).  I am a lifelong musician, and was a professional for about a decade, and a composer for even longer. I have a really deep connection with sound and music; I also have synesthesia and have very intense sensations around specific tones. That’s one of the reasons I chose this specific bowl, despite the cost. The low E, and strong B overtone resonated (no pun intended) with me in a very deep, important way. The additional subtle overtones were the proverbial frosting on the cake.

In person, the sound is so much richer and more visceral than I had anticipated. I understand the part of your recent email discussing sound and health – the sound is enveloping, and soothing. I have chronic sleep issues, yet this bowl is often able to focus me and help banish a lot of the anxieties and stresses that pile up during the day.  I want to thank you very much, again, for your patience in working with me. I will be recommending you to all my family and friends. I look forward to your newsletters in my inbox!

Evan 2018

Hi Ryan: My bowls arrived today and I am so happy! Thanks for the fast service!

I am planning to use them in a college performance enhancement course I am teaching for pianists. We are using yoga based breathing techniques to help improve focus and concentration and help minimize performance anxiety. We are also doing some 5 Rhythms dance to free the body and reduce physical and emotional inhibition. We will be doing a sound mediation to increase sensitivity to sound, overtones, pitch and timbre and that’s were the bowls come in. Thanks–I can’t wait to integrate them into the class!

Steve 2015

I want to give you some feedback about the singing bowl you sent earlier this month. For many years I have attended silent meditation retreats, but had never led one until this past weekend. It was a four-day retreat, and it went very well. The deep, resonant sound of this particular bell was perfect. It received several compliments, and in a very real sense it was the heartbeat of our gathering.

I thank you for the work you do, and for making these beautiful pieces available. I intend to use this bell for many years to come, and eventually to pass it along to someone who will love it as much as I already do.

Laurel 2015

Thank you very much for the singing bowl! My wife loves the singing bowl and says that she might use it post-shavasana in her yoga classes. We both really like its sounds. It plays really easily with the stick. I did receive it on 12/24, thanks to your and the USPS’ efforts

Christian 2015

I just wanted to send you an update and to thank you again for helping me to find such a special gift for my mom. She was surprised and overjoyed by the bowl and she says that she’s been using it during meditation each morning. Her recovery is still going strong. In a few months she’ll be able to travel and I’m really looking forward to her next visit.

Rich 2015

Ryan, just wanted to share that when I first opened the two singing bowls, I was not able to get either to sing around the rim. I was successful the next day with the larger of the two, and it wasn’t until the following day that I could get the other to sing. And then it sang its little heart out! That tiny bowl sang so loud it sounded just like our fire alarm! Incredibly loud! It really made me smile. Now those two small bowls both sing beautifully. Thanks for your two great selections!

Joni 2016

I really love your bowls! I am purchasing this bowl to help me in a Taiko Drumming performance  at a Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii. During the “Eye of the Storm” portion of the performance, all of your bowls will be singing while I play the Shakuhachi! I have shopped for Tibetan bowls and they are never as nice as yours. There really is a lot of junk out there.

Ingrid 2017

I’m a fourth grade teacher in Indiana. Last spring my school district gave a professional development seminar on promoting calm and focus in our students. The presenter led a practice for us, using a singing bowl she had purchased from you. I was so amazed by the calming effect the activity had on my mind and body, that I also purchased a bowl and mallet from you. I chose my bowl for its multiple tones and longevity of sound. I’ve been doing a simple practice with my class three times a day, and they absolutely love it. They remind me if I’ve forgotten to do it. Seeing them close their eyes, breathe deeply, and relax their shoulders is so nice, especially after recess, when they come inside pretty wound up. I ring the bowl and ask them to focus on the sound until they can no longer hear it. Then I prompt them to take five long, deep, slow, breaths in and out while visualizing a place of peace and calm. I take deep breaths, too! Then I ring the bowl again and as the children to focus on the sound as long as they can, and to open their eyes when the sound is gone. I can hear their sighs of relaxation. I’m no expert on this, and I might be doing something “wrong” in a technical sense, but this is helpful for my students, and I recommend it!

Jonna 2017

Ryan, I just wanted to tell you again that those bowls are really exquisite.  I took them over to my yoga studio last nite because  I’m offering a sound healing and wasn’t sure if the bowls would ‘fill the space’, or if I would need a ‘harder’ mallet.  LOL — they are possibly even more amazing in a large space than in my small healing room. I’m getting somewhat better at allowing them to sing, although everyone seems to enjoy the simple ‘tapping’ of them with the yarn covered mallet.  Thanks again!

Nancy 2017

Just writing to let you know I received the bowl yesterday. It is fantastic, all the wear and patina on this bowl is incredible and to hear it in person is remarkable. The Mani bowl you sent me blew everyone away at a department of mental health meeting and they are interested in having me volunteer at the local mental health rehabilitation center.

Joel 2014

Thanks so much, Ryan I enjoy using my singing bowls during my meditations, and find the deeper tones especially effective. Yours is the first antique that I have bought.

Kim 2014

Website Comments

It was my good luck to find your site!

Roberta 2013

Your bowls are spectacular. I wish I could buy fourscore! I so appreciate the detailed commentary you post about each one. It is incredibly helpful

Carolyn 2014

By the way, thanks for your comments and thoughts below on the bowl noting the metal intrusions, incomplete smelting, and its characteristics.  It really helps me understand and appreciate this bowl’s uniqueness.  My untrained eye may have thought it to be flawed and even substandard!   Lastly, the fact you note “exceptional” bowls on your website and create sets of bowls that harmonize well together is a real plus for the consumer saving them time in looking for that special bowl with exceptional sound.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and sounds of these old bowls with others so they continue to be preserved, cared for, and appreciated.

Susan 2014

Thanks for your email.I really enjoyed your store. I spent nearly 5 hours last night listening and comparing these beautiful sounds.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful experience I had shopping on your site. The information, the quality of photos, and the sound clips!!! I am very excited to receive my order (it’s a gift for someone very dear to my heart). My hope is this will be the start of a very beautiful collection. Thank you for what you do. You are truly spreading joy and beauty!

AnnMarie 2015

Thank you, Ryan! I’m so excited to become acquainted with this bowl. This is my first bowl, and I was completely at a loss for how to get started, but your site is fantastic! You clearly have an incredible amount of knowledge and passion, and you made the journey of choosing a bowl a lot less intimidating.

Erin 2017

Great site! Thank you for having it so well organized and informative. It really makes the research process easier.

Michael 2018

BTW your website is nicely designed. Plus, the follow up (eg adding items to cart then a reminder email) as well as your follow up email saying I can add to the order simply by responding to email are made for an easy order experience.

Tom 209

I love the respect your site holds for these wonderful bowls – I love the idea that something as simple as a bowl can teach us so much – how ancient values and wisdom still have a lot to teach us.

Sue 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I enjoyed browsing and listening to your recordings. May I inquire how much additional fees are required when delivering to the Philippines? Thank you very much
A:Shipments to your country are made through the post office. Pricing is based on weight and value. A 3 lb box valued at $300, a fairly large bowl with ringers, is $55 via priority mail – which has insurance and tracking. Regular mail is maybe $15 less. A small bowl with a ringing stick can be as low as $35 via priority mail.
Q: Hi Ryan. Thank you very much for your prompt response to my inquiry. I appreciate it very much.

Laarni 2014

Q: I just bought your Thadobati singing bowl yesterday. I’m writing to ask what other bowls would you recommend to go with it in the future ?
A: I keep all recordings on file so when it comes time to build a set around your bowl I’ll have a reference. There are many ways to build a set, different for different goals. When you’re ready to buy we can ground a direction.

Ian 2014

Q. I can’t get much sound when moving the wooden end of the stick around the rim. I can hear a low tone (it sounds sort of like a UFO humming) but can’t draw it out any louder. Any tips would be welcome!
A.Try to push harder towards the center of the bowl all the way around to maintain firm consistent contact.
Q. I just wanted to tell you that after lots of experimenting with angles, I’ve gotten the bowl you sent me to sing around the rim. It’s great! Thanks again

Kristen 2015

Q. Do I need to take care about how strongly I strike the bell? I notice I am able to tease out some interesting lower tones by striking the side of the bowl beneath the rim. Do you not recommend that? I definitely do not want to damage this instrument, but I would like to explore its secrets.
A. You are fine striking the side of the bowl. The weakest point is the bottom corner. When pounded into shape that part has the most bend and therefore the least metal.
Q, Be well, and thank you for your work and passion!

CJ 2015

Q. I have my first singing bowl,  it is old , it sings fine except when it gets loud it has a scratch noise that is on and off as it sings.  It has a wood beater,could it be needing a new one?

A. Sorry to say you have a  singing bowl with a crack, what you are hearing is the surfaces grinding against each other from the energy of the motion you have imparted to the bowl.  Such cracks cannot be fixed. You should return it to whoever sold it to you and get a refund.

Dawn 2015

Q: I have 2 of the mini wands (Yew and Kingwood) but have 1 heavier, larger bowl that does not play well with the minis, so I was considering a multipurpose large wand, but was unsure of which to get – between the Vermilion or the Zebrawood.

A: [from Frank Perry]  I doubt you’d get upper partials isolated using a 2″ Zebra or Vermillion wand. These wands will produce a range of tones from a bowl sounding at once. The thicker the wand the more likely to stimulate the fundaments. The harder the wood will bring out the upper partials. So a thick wand of hard wood on a suitable bowl will bring out a range of sounds.

Q I received my large Vermillion wand in the mail today (from Best Singing Bowls) – it is AMAZING! It is a work of art, and makes playing a moody bowl much easier…. THANK YOU both for your advice

Jon 2018

Q: Ryan, Just want to say thanks. Bowls came in today and I am very pleased with them. I just had a quick question: What do the colored stickers mean on each bowl? The musical notes and sharp/flat notations are self-explanatory, but I wasn’t sure what pink and blue meant.  Thanks again for providing such top-notch customer service and for being dedicated to a good product.

A:  We probably should peel the stickers off as they are inventory control.  They come off real easy.

Matthew 2019

Q. I noticed a number on the bowl. Is there a place on your website that has more info on the bowl, using the number that came with it?
A. The bowl data is on the invoice. You can always ask us for information using the bowl number as we keep all individual bowl records along with photos and sound clips.

Lisa 2015

Thanks for sending us your comment!

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