The Circle of Awareness

Himalayan singing bowls are infused with magic and mystery. The magic is in the incredible sounds, the mystery is why do they exist at all.

Today the average Nepali villager is as likely to ring his bowls as you are likely to ring a three quart stainless steel saucepan. In the past I do not think this was the case. There has to be a reason these bowls can contain traces of precious and rare earth metals that impart the superior sound quality. There has to be a reason some bowls appear tuned and ring with such intense purity. I think there was a time in the past when some of these bowls were valued for their sound and used for spiritual practices, ceremonies and awareness enhancing entertainment; but these uses are for the most part lost today in their native lands.

The circle of awareness is closed when these bowls move from their homes in the countryside of the Himalayas where they are no longer special to being once again valued and used in a new home far away.

There is an awareness, a presence in these amazing instruments that comes alive with use and appreciation. Facilitating this transfer, putting these rare objects into the hands of appreciative new owners is one of the great pleasures I derive from Best Singing Bowls. Think of the antique singing bowl in your possession as a rescued object and take your stewardship seriously.

Singing bowl with prayer flags


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