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How to Choose a Singing Bowl

Tuning in to which Tibetan singing bowl to buy involves some self-discovery, a bit of education, and a journey into the wide range of choices available. The best way to choose an antique singing bowl, really, is to fall in love with the sound. That feeling is a measure of your affinity with the vibrations […]

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The last great Manipuri hoard

First of all what is a hoard. Think of a secret stash of valuable objects. As a kid I was fascinated by old coin hoards. In 2013 the largest hoard of gold coins ever found in the US was discovered in the Sierra foothills.  Fascinating story, and you can imagine my delight when I came […]

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Copper and Novel Coronavirus Covid-19

A report published March 17 in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine showed that aerosols of the Corona virus were shorter lived on Copper, only 4-8 hours, than on any other surface tested. It was longest lived on hard plastic and steel surfaces (3 days) while on cardboard it has a one day life. Copper […]

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Oh the Allure of Those Metal Objects

OBITUARIES | Eric Newman, Whose Coins Told of America’s History, Dies at 106 I remember seeing this guy’s name in the coin magazines I was reading in the 60s. Kind of amazing – born in 1911, started collecting in 1918.  Imagine what his pocket change looked like! The photo of him at the top of the article at 103 shows […]

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Shipped today! Cutest Nepalese mallet & singing bowl cover cloths

The order was for one #118 mallet, our cutest dinkiest [wool-head] traditional Nepalese mallet, together with two cover cloths, one royal blue with gold “Profound Sounds” embroidering, one velvet, Tibetan monk red, also with the gold “Profound Sounds” embroidering. It all fits neatly in a USPS Small Flat Rate box. Very pleasing. Now I will […]

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Spectacular upgrade to the Best Singing Bowls website!

The website is now packed with new articles and information, organized for easy navigation. The overview page provides a bird’s eye view of our broad range of singing bowls ringers, mats and accessories. In keeping with the best of modern web design, the site now fills the screen –  bowls look just spectacular on a big monitor […]

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How to Use a Singing Bowl

A singing bowl is one of the few possessions you will acquire that has the potential to last a lifetime working just as well as the first day you got it. What is a Singing Bowl Used For? To make you feel better As an aid in meditation, yoga or a spiritual practice As an aid […]

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Singing bowls in one-off hand-made pouches

Displayed on end-cap in Santa Cruz, CA, in the original  Staff of Life Natural Food Store. Besides these select few, which happened one holiday season at the express request of the store buyer, every now and again through the years a singing bowl has gone to its new home/owner in one of these special hand-made […]

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Another bird and bowl story

Corrina takes a very special big Lingham bowl out and sits with it on the river levee at dawn –  just her, her bicycle and the singing bowl.  Two black crows are flying overhead and they come down and land on the bike path not more than ten feet away.  She keeps ringing the singing […]

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Doing business in Kathmandu

I‘m in the internet shop in a side alley, one of the good ones with instant backup power for when the electricity goes down. All of a sudden lots of noise and yelling on the main street.  Then some loud bangs and people run past the door.  The shop guys jump up, go outside and […]

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