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Copper and Novel Coronavirus Covid-19

A report published March 17 in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine showed that aerosols of the Corona virus were shorter lived on Copper, only 4-8 hours, than on any other surface tested. It was longest lived on hard plastic and steel surfaces (3 days) while on cardboard it has a one day life.

Copper is the main metal in singing bowls.  Antiques are generally between 75% and 80%. Our website has a section on the healing properties of copper including testing in hospital settings by the Veteran’s Administration and Sloan Kettering. Apparently the pathogen killing properties of copper extends to viruses as well.

This does NOT mean, of course, that a singing bowl is a preventative or cure for the virus. What it does mean is out of the box you can be pretty confident your singing bowl has no trace of it.

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