Those precious packages ~ artisan

Thtee-massive-wands-Vermillion-Zebra-YewSo I am generally the one who packs Best Singing Bowl orders (and the one who cycles said packages to the post office). I can say I derive pleasure from many aspects of the packing task, from getting to hold and sound the bowl that a particular person has now identified for themselves and is bringing home, to all the wrappings we use, including Nepalese hand-made bark paper to high tech eco-friendly ‘Air Speed’, to USPS Cradle2Cradle [McDonough et al] certified boxes.

And every now and then, the specific selection a person has made will stop me in my work-a-day tracks for a moment; sharp intake of breath, big sigh. What beauty is gathered here. What loveliness this represents and embodies. Such was the case with this order; six carpets and a ringing stick… Not even a bowl!! 

6 carpets

Six singing bowl carpets made by Tibetan-Nepalese extended-family on their home looms, custom designed with us; an economic boon, an artisan’s delight. And the one ringing stick that would lay in the box with these six mats was a Frank Perry ‘wand’, crafted from Yew tree wood; a ‘Massive’, as opposed to the regular tiny. Actually, there’s nothing ‘regular’ about these offerings. Each one, already so rich with Story, now going forth to weave into another’s bright world.
[Corrina McFarlane, spouse of Ryan]

Footnote on YEW ~ Sacred Yew – All over England you will see Yew planted by the old churches surrounded by headstones – and even around pre-Christian sites. The wands have a creamy color with a light grain. Yew is a soft, relatively light and flexible wood. These characteristics give it the ability to play the deeper tones in singing bowls. The softness and flexibility of yew allows this wand to play rougher edges quietly. We offer Yew in both mini and massive sizes.

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