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Singing bowls off to the post office
As an individual, it is in the little things  where one can make a difference.  Paying attention is the first step.

Most of the time we deliver our packages to the post office by bicycle! Good for us, good for the planet.

So that your order arrives in perfect shape we use a combination of paper, plastic and foam. All the packaging materials we use are at least second use, in other words recycled.  Boxes may also contain space filling puffy little bags. These, too, are not virgin materials but recycled from other uses. We even ask clerks at stores if they have any and schlep them back to the warehouse.

Shipping is in corrugated cardboard boxes which generally have high recycled content. USPS boxes are new Cradle-to-CradleCM  certified.

The least sustainable part of our packing is the tape. We use 3M Scotch packaging tape made in the USA which minimizes its carbon footprint when compared to cheaper Chinese tape.

Our web host is located in Oregon which is blessed with a lot of hydropower and wind power. Their electricity purchase agreements mandate 100% of the power used to host our site is from renewable sources.

Probably the worst thing we do is fly back and forth to Asia, can’t help that. Also we fly our products in rather than using ocean cargo which has a smaller carbon footprint and is less expensive. We do this for quality assurance reasons.

Privacy Policy

1. We do not share any of your personal information with any other organizations or individuals.

2. All information provided by you is completely confidential.

3. The only use of your personal information is as you have requested for it to be used. Mostly this is communicating with you. Sometimes it is so you can retain information on bowls and accessories you are interested in.

4. We never rent, sell or otherwise distribute your personal information, and we never will.

5. Only when required by law would we provide any information to a third party, such as a government.

6. Internet cookies are small bits of information that are placed on a web user’s hard drive. You control the use of cookies through browser settings. Like everybody you’ve probably discovered cookies make your web life easier. We hardly use cookies now however over time we hope to make more and more use of cookies to give you a better experience on our site.

7. Internet cookies do not identify users.  We do not tie cookies to any personal information.

8. There is no advertising on this site. This means no toxic links taking you somewhere creepy where someone will try to sell you something you probably don’t need. There are links to resources.  We don’t control what they do with their websites but at least the last time we looked they were nice places to go.


Terms of Service

Sometimes in America we are required to put into print what may seem obvious – like the “contains nuts” warning on a package of peanuts.  We also draw clear and explicit lines around rights and responsibilities.  It is just the way we do things here.

By purchasing products or services from Best Singing Bowls you agree to the following:

All products and services received from Best Singing Bowls  may only be used for lawful purposes. The laws of the State of California and the United States of America apply.

The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Best singing Bowls harmless from any claims resulting from the use of our products or services.

Best Singing Bowls reserves the right to decline to provide products or services to anyone.



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