Individual Singing Bowl Certificate (purchase one per bowl)

cert Individual Singing Bowl Certificate (purchase one per bowl)

Specially prepared certificate with photos of the singing bowl including:

History: Assessment of age and place of manufacture with reasoning supporting the estimates.

Physical characteristics including singing bowl type, dimensions (width, height, rim size and weight), state of preservation and thickness

Appearance: Artwork description, state of preservation, special features and coloration.

Sonic characteristics:  Fundamental frequency in Hz, note and octave designation for fundamental frequency and overtones, subjective impression, playing characteristics with mallets, leather ringers and wooden ringers.

Playing and listening instructions.

Year of sale

Delivered electronically in the form of a PDF file

Purchase one certificate per bowl.

Certificates with photos are available for bowls sold individually.

Certificates for other bowls including sets, specials and backstock will not have photos. Photos can be made for an additional cost – total $25 each.






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