Large Soft Felt Mallet for singing bowls

L1 Large Soft Felt Mallet for singing bowls

For large size bowls

Stained wood handle with many layers of felt

Mallets with long handles and light heads are the easiest way to get full sound out of smaller singing bowls. The many layers of felt in the head virtually eliminates what musicians call  “attack” so the bass tone plays smoothly and purely. There is no comparison with tapping a bowl with a hard wood or leather ringing stick.  The long handle gives you better control over the volume and makes it easy to ring multiple bowls.

This Mallet:  Special soft felt over a core of responsive rubber makes this an excellent choice if you are wanting to play just the fundamental bass tone of large singing bowls. This mallet’s strength is in its ability to bring volume out of a large bowl without much of an initial thump.  The pearly white felt is smooth to the touch. The dark wood handle is long and lathed into finger friendly shape. The wood is substantial and the mallet capable of bringing a lot of force to any size bowl or gong.

Contrast with similar mallets in photo
XL1 black – for soft play of big bowls, also much lighter wit a flexible handle
L2 grey – often will play a mixture of bass and overtone, better for bowls under 9 inches.

Width: 2 1/2 inHeight or Thickness: 3 1/2 inLength: 14 in
Weight: 0.5 lbs = 227 grams
Best for use with:
Bowl Size: : 

Large, Very Large

Bowl Tone: : 

Very Low, Low


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