Small Leather Wrapped Ringing Stick for singing bowls

N101 Small Leather Wrapped Ringing Stick for singing bowls

For tiny and small bowls of all styles
Versatile ringer for both high and low tones.

To play a bowl with a ringing stick it is best to hold the bowl in your hand and move the stick in a circular motion around the outside rim. The leather side brings out the lowest tone in a bowl while the wood side is best for the highs. Not every bowl will play with the leather. You can try varying the angle of the stick to the side of the bowl from parallel to almost perpendicular. Different angles often bring out more than one tone, especially on the high side. Press hard towards the center of the bowl if the rim is active and the stick jumps off it. Once you get the sound going, you can slow down the circular motion.

Handmade in Nepal

Width: 0 3/4 inHeight or Thickness: 0 3/4 inLength: 5.5 in
Weight: 0.1 lbs = 50 grams
Best for use with:
Bowl Size: : 

Tiny, Small

Bowl Tone: : 

Low, Mid-range, High


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