Small Antique Carpet Piece

cs11 Small Antique Carpet Piece

For tiny and small bowls

Cushion your singing bowls in style

Superior sound insulation on hard surfaces. These handsome carpet pieces provide an excellent ringing surface as well as complimenting the look of your bowl. They are sufficiently thick to insulate against the hardest surface while not being so plush as to prematurely deaden the sound.  A Persian carpet from the middle of the 20th century was hand cut and beautifully edged with hundreds of hand stitches per square. The primary color of the carpet pieces is deep red as are the stitches around the edge

Hand sewn border on all four sides.

Width: 3 1/2 inHeight or Thickness: 0 3/10 inLength: 3 in
Weight: N/A = 20 grams
Best for use with:
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Tiny, Small


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