6 or 7 Piece Sequential Antique Mani Singing bowl Set

sMA6 6 or 7 Piece Sequential Antique Mani Singing bowl Set

Full set with L8 Mallet

Hand assembled set  of rare Mani bowls wide chosen to span a range of notes and to sound wonderful together.  Attention has been paid to making the intervals between bowls fairly even. Assembling a group of Mani bowls is difficult enough.  To come up with a set that has the range of this one and plays well together the way these do  requires deep, high quality stock and a good ear.  There is no bowl in this set that I did not first select over in Asia out of collections of similar material.  They had to catch my ear individually over there first.  Months later when assembling this set,  they had to fit into a Gestalt. All the bowls are  excellent quality pieces. These Mani bowls are large and heavy ranging from 6 1/2 to 8 inches across.

Each bowl is individually labeled with the note and octave as well as their place in the sequence.  The set comes with full statistics for each bowl, dimensions, weight, frequencies, notes and overtones. The labeling is really helpful, makes it easy to lay the bowls out and associate them.

The six bowl set  costs $450 a bowl. None of the bowls in the set would sell for under $400 individually.  The total would be quite a bit more than $2700.  You may add a Mini Mani bowl with a matching tone above the highest note in the 6 piece set for an additional $450.

The set cozntains:

6 Mani bowls,  range  lower to upper 5th octave  – one single tone sequence.

Optional 7th bowl, Mini Mani, lower 6th octave.



Bowl Type: 


Widest Diameter: 7 1/2 in
Height: 3 1/2 in
Weight: 6 lbs = 2722 grams


Bowl Number: sMA6

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