Medium Blue Cover Cloth

u ccB16 Medium Blue Cover Cloth

Super soft, thick 100% natural cotton rib fabric for protecting your bowls. Individually sewn in a small family run shop in Nepal with mitered corners, single and cover-stitch construction.  Profound Sounds is hand embroidered on one corner in gold.

Cloth SizeManipuriJambati UltabatiThadobati RemunaMani Trapezoid
12up to 6″up to 5″up to 5″
166 to 8″ 5 to 6 3/4″5  to 6″
22over 8″up to 11″over 6 3/4″over 6″


Since bowls vary in height and shape this chart is just a good approximation. If you buy a bowl we™ll make sure you get the right size cloth to fit.

Widest Diameter: 16 in
Height: 0 1/10 in
Weight: 0.2 lbs = 70 grams


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