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Nepali Handmade Lokta Paper 18″ x 28″ – single sheets

Large size Nepali bark paper. Many vendors label this size 20 x 30 but you can come up two inches short in either direction. If you take 18 X 28 and fold it into quarters it is still a large sheet at 9 x 14.

Handled properly it is quite strong even a single sheet. Single sheets are soft to the touch with wavy wrinkles.

It is so thin you can read a computer monitor through a single sheet. Fold it in half and you can’t see anything on a screen. Fold it four times and it’s the size of a writing pad.

The paper is a natural tan, no colors added. It is sufficiently light in color for standard ink to stand our clearly.

It is also uneven in thickness and varies on the edges.

Nice for note or wrapping paper.

I use this paper generously in packaging shipments from Asia.  It makes a nice cushion and is so much better than using newsprint. Newsprint can be made with inks that rub off on the bowls and your hands.

When shipping bowls to customers it is a natural barrier between the singing bowl and the foam cushioning.

While not certified as “fair trade” this paper comes from a source where the people doing the work – harvesting and paper making – are earning a reasonable wage for their area. Sale of the paper also benefits the local Tibetan population.

The bark is a sustainable resource. The roots are not disturbed and new branches grow back after cutting. It is ready to be harvested in two or three years.

Bowl Type: 
Widest Diameter: 28 in
Height: 0 1/1000 in
Weight: N/A = 5 grams
Bowl Number: Pf


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