Best Large Precision 4 Mallet Series


u BSB-L Best Large Precision 4 Mallet Series

For bowls over 5 inches
All tones

The Best Singing Bowls mallet series add a whole other dimension to the experience of listening to singing bowls. Every singing bowl has a rich and varied soundscape waiting to be revealed. Our precision mallets are designed to bring out this full potential in a way a stick or basic tapper simply cannot.

Singing bowls have a fundamental tone, their place in the sound spectrum. Matching a mallet to this sweet spot is the best way to bring out the full native power a bowl.

Singing bowls are not just one note, they all have many overtones. Our mallets are designed This is where mallet play gets interesting. By selecting mallets above and below the native tone of a bowl you get to hear something very different from the same bowl. The way the mallets do this is by dampening some frequencies and exciting others.

The Best Singing Bowls mallet series has four mallets for smaller bowls and five for larger. If you listen closely you will be able to hear these four or five different soundscapes from any singing bowl. The mallets for smaller bowls are tuned a little higher than those for larger ones so the series has nine distinct tones.

Mallets designed for larger bowls have larger heads with flexible rattan handles and a slightly oval shape for greater contact area.

Orchestral quality mallet. Made in USA

Widest Diameter: 1 3/8 in
Height: 1 3/4 in
Weight: 0.3 lbs = 141 grams


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