Frank Perry Massive Zebrawood Wand

u FP2z Frank Perry Massive Zebrawood Wand

For larger bowls Handcrafted in England

The ultimate ringing stick, solid and smooth with over two inches of hardwood at it’s widest. The wand has a smooth curve, giving you many options for selecting the angle of contact with the bowl.  The lathed flare at the top is perfectly shaped for resting your hand in. This makes it easy to apply the full the strength of your arm, and tame the wildest singing bowl rim. The weight and ergonomic shape make the entire process of making any bowl sing easy and intuitive. Massive wands are generally quieter than the Nepali ringing sticks when ringing a bowl with a less than smooth edge.

Zebra wood or “Zebrano” is a hard, dense and inflexible wood.  These characteristics give it the ability to tease out the higher tones from singing bowls. The smooth finish of Zebrano wands also helps in  teasing out the high overtones. Zebra wood comes from West Africa. It is not an endangered or threatened species.

Frank Perry has one of the oldest and largest antique singing bowl collections in the United Kingdom. Frank is a master at bringing out individual tones from bowls. One of his secrets are special wands made from fine wood that he hand turns on a lathe at his home in the south of England. The wands are smooth to the touch and finished with a with a nice flair on top. Each wand is unique, as are the individual planks of wood he starts out with.


Widest Diameter: 2 1/2 in
Height: 2 1/2 in
Weight: 0.6 lbs = 249 grams


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