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Frank Perry Tiny Wands for singing bowls

Frank Perry has one of the oldest and largest antique singing bowl collections in the United Kingdom. Frank is a master at bringing out individual tones from bowls. One of his secrets are small wands made from fine wood that he hand turns on a lathe at his home in the south of England. Each wood and finish has different playing characteristics.

Tiny wands 6″ long and half an inch in diameter can bring incredible sounds out of very small and even the largest singing bowl.

Tiny wands $36

Sacred Yew – creamy color with a light grain -for deeper tones and rough edge bowls.

Purple Amaranth – purple color with rough finish -for most overtones and smooth edge bowls.

Kingwood – rich brown wood with dark contrasting grain – for high overtones.

Tulipwood  –beautifully colored rosewood – for most overtones.

Ebony  – black with occasional hints of dark brown – for the very highest tones.

Best for use with:

Bowl Size:  Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Very Large
Bowl Tone:  High, Very High
Item Number: FPTW


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