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Large Adorned Antique Singing Bowl sounds like an old ship’s bell #77030

1. Best L 6 Large Medium Mallet single tap.
2. Rim Play:

Short flat bowl with a mandala formed of punch circles with a sharp central six pointed star. It appears to me that this old bowl was cleaned up and re-etched. You can see the former design of a punch circle mandala somewhat randomly arranged, mostly worn away. Certainly a bowl with a history . Resonant and complex soundscape, reminiscent of an old ship’s bell but with a lot more character. Premium harmony, where the tones evolve and eventually simplify through the good sustain, at 30 seconds you can still hear the fundamental note. The bowl features a 528 Hz Solfeggio overtone which is the strongest in the bowl. Great off the rim, overtone with leather, second overtone with a wand. Smooth to volume and excellent rim sustain. Excellent choice if you are looking to drone the main Solfeggio tone. With overtones at C5, A#5, F6, B6. Solfeggio – MI 528 Hz Overtone.

Bowl Type: Unique
Thickness: Average
Widest Diameter: 7 5/8 in
Height: 1 3/4 in
Bowl Size: Large
Weight: 1.5 lbs = 702 grams
Rim Type: Plain
Artwork and etching state of preservation:
Exterior: None
Interior: Fair
Features: Solfeggio Overtone, Premium, Adorned
Musical Note: G3 Low Octave
Approximate Frequency: 197 Hz
Bowl Number: 77030


In stock

In stock

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