Rare XX thick Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with sweet rich sound #8206

8206 Rare XX thick Antique Manipuri Singing Bowl with sweet rich sound #8206

1. Best S 7 Small Medium High Mallet single taps.
2. Rim Play: FP Massive Yew Wand wood

Super extra thick Manipuri, just incredible to touch, with smoky patina and impossibly wide rim. The bowl has pure copper spots in the bottom and copper rust outside, evidence of great antiquity. This is the rare bowl that could be dated over 400 years back. We collected it in a quite out of the way location in India in 2012 and rotated it out of our private collection.

Impressive sweet sound with a solid alto bass and softly singing high. The incredible amount of metal in this bowl makes for exceptional richness. Longevity is ok on a single strike but this really is a bowl to tap again and again. That initial burst of richness is something very much worth repeating. Another strength this bowl has is with mallet play. Simple wood does not make proper contact. Frank Perry massive wands with their elegant shape and sheer weight bring out the bass.

This is a very rare super thick bowl. Because of the run up of copper prices a few years back many of these were melted down for their metallic value. We found this one before that storm swept away many fine bowls. A treasure with an impressively sweet voice, a rare treat. With overtones at A#5, A6, F7.

Bowl Type: 



Extra Thick

Widest Diameter: 6 7/8 in
Height: 2 1/4 in
Bowl Size: 


Weight: 1.5 lbs = 686 grams
Rim Type: 

Wide out with Lines

Rim Thickness: 


Artwork and etching state of preservation:





Adorned, Exceptional, Rare & Distinctive

Musical Note: 






Approximate Frequency: 



Bowl Number: 8206

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