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Thick Adorned Antique Thadobati Singing Bowl with sweet high tone #5055

1. Best S 9 Small Very High Mallet single tap.
2. Rim Play: N101 Small Ringing Stick wood followed by FP Massive Zebrawood Wand

Extra Thick Thadobati with a broad inner facing rim and worn extensive artwork. The bowl retains a smoky original patina. Very high strike tone, E5 that is short sweet and simple. Sustain is short, there are a few seconds of pure intensity a bit of sonic patterning then it fades. Multiple taps bring a bit more variation to the sustain. Very good harmony. Plays fine off the rim with a hard wood. Best with a massive Zebrawood wand where you can apply a light touch and still get the fullness of the sound. With overtones at A#6, A7.

Bowl Type: Thadobati
Thickness: Extra Thick
Widest Diameter: 5 1/2 in
Height: 2 1/4 in
Bowl Size: Small
Weight: 1.4 lbs = 632 grams
Rim Type: Broad in with Lines
Rim Thickness: 5/16"
Artwork and etching state of preservation:
Exterior: Fair
Interior: Fair
Features: Adorned
Musical Note: E5 High Octave
Approximate Frequency: 676 Hz
Bowl Number: 5055


In stock

In stock

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